Best Xcode Github Templates


With all the templates available, it's difficult for beginners to find the best free Xcode template for their needs. Great resource of these templates is Github. Having the right template can make a huge difference for your app growth. In this article, we have hand pick the best OpenSource Xcode templates available on Github.

Our focus with this article is to highlight the best and most useful Xcode templates for their niche, multi-purpose or technology edge. 

Depending on your use case, you can choose the one that bests suits your needs. 

Table of Contents

  1. App Design Kit
  2. Eidolon
  3. Reddit in SwiftUI
  4. MovieSwiftUI
  5. KHabit
  6. iOS Elements (Paid)

#1 App Design Kit

App Design Kit Xcode Template

XIB views can be used instantly by copying them to your existing Xcode project, or you can use the project as a starter kit for your next mobile app, so you can focus on your business logic instead of coding the user interface elements one by one.


  • comprehensive (e-commerce, finance, fitness, food, media, reader, social, travel) 


  • outdated code (using XIB)
  • only designs
  • not maintained



    #2 Eidolon

    Eidolon Github Xcode iOS Template

    This Auction Kiosk App is not typical iOS template, but is the most "real world" app, you can build on. If your app is similar to action kiosk, or you want to see how e.g. networking, models, or architecture is done, this is actually good stepping stone. 


    • real world
    • a lot of business logic "inspiration"


    • not really template, rather example app



    #3 Reddit in SwiftUI

    Reddit in SwiftUI github Xcode project

    This template is to show off SwiftUI's strength in cross-platform development. Common UI code is shared between iOS, macOS, and watchOS. So if you are into cross-apple-platform development and you want to develop reader app you can start here.


    • cross-platform (iOS, macOS, watchOS)
    • SwiftUI


    • usable only as template for reader like app




    #4 MovieSwiftUI

    MovieSwiftUI iOS Template Showcase

    Movie app template usable for any app with simple list-detail logic and REST API. You can also read about whole implementation in Making a SwiftUI App


    • usable only as template for list-detail app


    • SwiftUI
    • Includes API implementation


    #5 KHabit

    KKHabit - Open Source Github Project For Productive App

    Productive habits app with a lot of components that can be reused, as is calendar, graphs etc. and also iOS watch integration. 


    • SwiftUI
    • A lot of reusable components as is calendar, graphs, ...


    • usable only as template for productive app



    iOS Elements (Paid)

    iOS Elements Theme


    Not free but, I think the value provided is worth it. It's written in modern SwiftUI and it's template by design so it's easy to customize and adjust. Also includes dark & white mode. 

    This kit contains 36 screens. Currently supporting: Social Media App, Recipe App, Blogging App, Restaurant App, Travel App and more.


    • support
    • customization (color variables, modules, ...)
    • comprehensive
    • SwiftUI


    • paid 

    Use EDUELEMENTS discount code to get iOS Elements for $29.70 (70% off) 



    We hope this article helped you find the best Github Xcode template for your app. You may also want to check our hand-picked list of top 5 ios development courses online for free.

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