How To Create an iOS App | Step by Step Tutorial

In this tutorial we will walk you through the process of creating your first simple iOS app. This tutorial is great for anyone who wants to create an app and asking yourself "where do I start". Also if you want to make an iPhone app for free and don't want to pay anyone for creating it for you, you are right here.

We will be creating simple "hello world" app, so you get know all the tools needed to create an app.

Table of Content

  1. Downloading Xcode
  2. Creating Project
  3. Creating Simple View
  4. Running the App
  5. (Further Steps)


  • Mac
  • Apple Id

Step 1: Downloading Xcode

First of all you need to download Xcode. This is the IDE (Integrated development enviroment) for creating any apple related app. Beside iPhone apps you can create iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and also Apple TV apps here. 

Xcode in App Store

Step 2: Creating Project

After downloading Xcode you can go straight to the Applications folder and open it. You will be welcomed and prompted to select what type of project (new/existing) you want to init. Here select "Create a new Xcode Project".

Welcome to Xcode and select

Step 3: Creating Simple View

In next dialog window choose iOS type and App for the Application options.

Xcode Choose a template for your new project

You will be prompted to input name, team and organization identifier. You can choose whatever name you want. These values can be adjusted later.

Xcode choose options for a new project

Step 4: Running the App

After all these configurations you are finally if the default view of your project. Here all the magic is happening. Xcode has already set up the project with hello world for you and all you have to do is now hit the "Play" button to init the simulator (you can also select what device you want to emulate in the dropdown).

Xcode Default Project View - Run App
If you did everything right you will be rewarded with device of your choice running your hello world app in simulator.
iPhone simlator - Hello World

(Step 5:) Further Steps

Ok this is the cornerstone of creating iPhone apps, but there is much more. If you mean it serious with creating an iOS app. You will need a lot of determination. Here are some great free & paid resources to learn how to develop an iOS apps. 

If you are new to iOS Development, also consider using a template for your next project. By using code created by experience developers you can get  valuable know-how and also get your project working really fast. 

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