iOS Recipe App Template

Recipe App in Minutes

Create iOS Recipe app in minutes. iOS Elements is ready to be used in your next cookbook app project. Just connect the app to your backend and you are ready to submit your app to the App Store. 

Why Should One Create Recipe App?

Everyone have faced it. You need to prepare a decent meal to serve your friends or family and you try to google the recipe for the meal of your choice. You end up with 1000s of results and now which to choose. 

Instead of going online you can skip this step and go through to the app, full of recipes with consistent quality. 


What are the key benefits, you can provide on top of your recipes business?

  • Engagement
  • Loyalty
  • Saved Preferences
  • Current Shopping List
  • Community
  • Convenient
  • Notifications

Let's talk in numbers. According to Comfy Living, about 36% of Americans cook at home on a daily basis. 13.7% of those surveyed prepare their meals at home because of a strong passion for cooking. As a result of the pandemic, Americans are both cooking (54%) and baking (46%) more.

This is quite a lot of potential customers. 

Mobile apps are slowly enhancing the customer experience across many industries and home cooking industry is no exception. To have a strong mobile presence takes a lot of effort, but results are exceptional. 

Why to Use Recipes App Template?

  • Save hundreds of hours of development and design, so you can focus on your business
  • Quickly bootstrap and validate your idea
  • Get high-quality code foundation you can build and learn from
  • Leverage unlimited customization, to create stunning UIs based on Sketch elements that is battle tested

iOS Elements Features & Capabilities

  • Color Variables
  • Dark & Light Theme
  • Endless Customization
  • 36 Screens
  • Lifetime License

36 Screens Ready to Use

This kit contains 36 screens – all the building blocks for your next app. No matter what you’re creating, you can start here.



    ... and many more

    Technical Details

    • Written in Swift 5, and ready to run in Xcode
    • Using modern SwiftUI for all elements
    • Optimized for iOS 13+
    • Optimized for any iPhone 
    • Highly modularized code, to quickly make any customizations.


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