TOP 5 iOS Development Courses Online

Two things that are crucial for any course. A Content and a Tutor. Nothing more, nothing less. To learn something effectively you need to have a quality content, taught by a top-tier tutor. Great thing about online courses is, that you have pool of courses from all around the world. This list is created by our experience from recruitment, where we could evaluate different candidates with different online course background.

Expect to take about 2-3 months of hard work to fully understand the course content, if you're not just blowing through the material. Then just start making your own stuff. And mainly have fun!

Table of contents:

  1. Stanford iPhone Application Development by Paul Hegarty
  2. The iOS 13 & Swift 5 — The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp by Angela Yu
  3. iOS Dev Launchpad by Sean Allen
  4. The Complete iOS 14 / iOS 13 Developer Course - and SwiftUI! by Rob Percival
  5. Ray Wenderlich iOS & Swift Videos
  6. BONUS iOS App Template

#1 Stanford iPhone Application Development by Paul Hegarty

#1 Development Courses Online

If you mean it serious with iOS Development this is a way to go. Although it may not suite everyone, becase it is mandatory to have an Object Oriented background. A lot of advanced programming concepts are covered, so some general programming experience is also useful.

The instructor Paul Hegarty is expert on swift, and one of the top professors at Stanford. He used to work for Apple and developed the original framework. He videotaped and uploaded lectures from his course in Fall 2010, and he uploads a new version of the course with each curriculum update.

Be patient, there's a lot of slides and details, but you'll get a lot out of the course just from following along and coding what he codes. If you do the homework assignments as well you'll get even more out of it. These videos are great for coding patterns and architecture. There's a lot of smaller insights, tips, and tricks he mentions throughout which all add up.

  • Score: Highly professional
  • Price: FREE
  • Tutor: Paul Hegarty
  • Link:

Pro Tip: Look up Michael Diemen on youtube. He has a few playlists and a google drive with the materials.

BONUS: Developing Applications for iOS using SwiftUI 

#2 Development Courses Online
  • Score: Most coprehensive
  • Tutor: Angela Yu
  • Link:
  • Price: ~ $19 (usually on sale)

#3 iOS Dev Launchpad by Sean Allen

#3 Development Courses Online

Intro to the swift programming. You will learn how to build a fully functional app that would be expected during a junior iOS developer interview. You'll use plenty of what you learned above, and come up with a great portfolio piece. Includes SwiftUI, UIKit and also general knowledge as is what is Client x Server, API and also plenty of resources as are Podcasts, Books, videos.

You will be also invited to slack channel where you can connect with other developers (not just beginners), that are quite active and helpful.

Sean has usually his course on a promotion. Right now for a BOGO (Buy One Get One) at a 40% discount. 

  • Score: Smooth with great foundation and community
  • Tutor: Sean Allen 
  • Link:
  • Price: ~ $35 (usually on sale)

Bonus: Sean Allens iOS Dev Youtube Chanel 

#4 The Complete iOS 14 / iOS 13 Developer Course - and SwiftUI! by Rob Percival

#4 Development Courses Online

In this course you will learn iOS Development from scratch. There is not much theory involved, so this course is good for practitioners, but not as good for someone looking to get iOS developer job.

You will write real life example apps, games and clones. You will learn and practice all details of Swift 5 and iOS development during these projects and challenges, and also introduction to Swift UI.

#5 Ray Wenderlich iOS & Swift Videos 

#5 Development Courses Online

This one is community driven and is great for both, beginners and also advanced programmers. The biggest advantage is that you can start here as a beginner and continue to more advanced topics. The biggest disadvantage is the price. 

Score: Great for junior to senior path

Tutor: Ray Wenderlich and Co.


Price: $19 - $40 / month

BONUS: iOS App Template

If you are new to iOS Development, consider using a template for your next project. By using code created by experience developers you can get  valuable know-how and also get your project working really fast. 

Use EDUELEMENTS discount code to get iOS Elements for $29.70 (70% off) 


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