Top 5 SwiftUI Chart Libraries

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  1. Charts
  2. ChartView
  3. SwiftCharts
  4. AAInfographics
  5. SwiftUICharts
  6. Conclusion

#1 Charts

SwiftUI Charts Library - Charts - Bar Chart

This library is the most comprehensive and also covers almost any use case you can imagine. The cost is its complexity and learning curve. It includes things as is:

  • 8 different chart types
  • Scaling on both axes (with touch-gesture, axes separately or pinch-zoom)
  • Dragging / Panning (with touch-gesture)
  • Combined-Charts (line-, bar-, scatter-, candle-stick-, bubble-)
  • Dual (separate) Axes
  • Customizable Axes (both x- and y-axis)
  • Highlighting values (with customizable popup-views)
  • Save chart to camera-roll / export to PNG/JPEG
  • Legends (generated automatically, customizable)
  • Animations (build up animations, on both x- and y-axis)
  • Limit lines (providing additional information, maximums, ...)
  • Fully customizable (paints, typefaces, legends, colors, background, gestures, dashed lines, ...)

If you want to use it with SwiftUI, I highly recommend you video tutorial Charts Framework in SwiftUI - Bar Chart (Stewart Lynch) or blog post Plotting in iOS using Charts framework with SwiftUI (Evgeny Basisty).

Type: Bar / Pie / Line / Scatter / CandleStick / Bubble / Radar
Stars: 24,500
Issues: 3,200 Closed / 690 Open
Install: Package Manager / CocoaPods


#2 ChartView


Strong and easy to use. You can build beautiful custom charts. It provides basic building blocks, like a chart view (bar, pie, line and ring chart), grid view, card view, interactive label for displaying the curent chart value. So you decide, whether you build a fully fledged interactive view, or just display a bare bone chart

Type: Bar/Pie/Line/
Stars: 3,500
Issues: 67 Closed / 60 Open
Install: Package Manager


#3 SwiftCharts

SwiftUI Chart Library - SwiftCharts - Bubble SwiftUI Chart Library - SwiftCharts - interactive .jpg SwiftUI Chart Library - SwiftCharts - Candle Sticks .jpg


Easy to use and highly customizable charts library for iOS. Everything is customizable - colors, views, units, labels, animations, interactions, axes, etc. Easy creation of arbitrary markers, overlays, info views, etc., using simple UIViews! Modular architecture, which allows to easily create new chart types or add effects to existing types externally (without library changes). Extensible axis values and label generators for numbers, dates, etc, with customizable zooming handling (nice numbers, divide in half, etc). (unreleased).

Bars / Scatter / Lines / Areas / Bubble /Candlestick
Stars: 2,300
Issues: 291 Closed / 45 Open
Install: CocoaPods


#4 AAInfographics

Mock of SwiftUI Chart Library AAInfographics - areasplineChart
Mock of SwiftUI Chart Library AAInfographics - areasplineChart
Mock of SwiftUI Chart Library AAInfographics - boxplotChart


AAInfographics is the Swift language version of AAChartKit which is object-oriented, a set of easy-to-use, graphics drawing controls, based on the popular open source front-end chart library Highcharts. It makes it very fast to add interactive charts to your mobile projects. It supports single touch-drag for data inspection, multi-touch for zooming, and advanced responsiveness for your apps .

column / bar / area / line / radar / polar / pie /bubble / pyramid / funnel / range / mixed
Stars: 1,900
Issues: 200 Closed / 104 Open
Install: CocoaPods


#5 SwiftUICharts

iPhone Mock displaying SwiftUI chart library SwiftUICharts - Bar and Line

A simple line and bar charting library that support accessibility written using SwiftUI. If you are looking for something simple this library is the way to go.

Type: line / bar
Stars: 1,000
Issues: 7 Closed / 2 Open
Package Manager


In Conclusion

There is not much SwiftUI charting libraries out there, but still there is enough quality libraries you can use in your project. Each developer has their own personal preference for what features they need in their project. 

As the demand for iOS applications continues to grow, the pool of platforms and solutions that help save developers time while helping to produce higher quality apps will continue to increase as well.

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